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Tips for Hair Care

Posted by : shivani on | Jun 15,2017

Tips for Hair Care


Before entering the shower, comb your hair slightly with a wide tooth comb to unscrew the knots. This helps to align the strands and prevents you from coming out of the shower with many knots. Start at the ends and slowly go your way. Never attempt to tear windings from top to bottom. You will end up with a bunch of hair on your comb that could have been avoided if only you had patience!


The temperature of the water you use during hair washing should ideally not be warmer than room temperature. In fact, the best thing would be to use the lowest temperature you can bear. Too cold for you Well, the hair is not sensitive, so you could at least lean and give the lower part of your hair a final rinse with cold water.


Why cold water

Because cold water helps the scales to lie flat, which makes them stronger. On the other hand, hot water opens the scales of the hair not only causing more frizz, but also makes the shoulder weaker and more vulnerable. In addition, the scalp secretes certain oils that are good for the hair. These oils dissolve in warm water, resulting in additional dryness. Cold water does not dissolve natural oils. So make the choice of healthy hair and get into cold water! Brrrrr

Shampoo your hair

Begin to wash your hair to the scalp, as this is where the fat accumulates. Gently massage the shampoo into your hair with your fingertips. It's a good idea to dilute the shampoo in a little water in a cup, then massage it on your scalp. This way, the shampoo is even softer on the hair.

- When applying shampoo to your locks, let them hang instead of stacking them on your head as if you are posing for a commercial shampoo. Stacking your hair does not lead to more tangles. Let it hang naturally so that the foam runs from the root to the ends.

- Try not to overdo your hair. Gently work the shampoo so that the strands do not disturb and produce unbearable knots. If you have long hair, apply a shampoo to your scalp, divide it into sections and massage each section gently with the shampoo from the roots to the ends.

Go soft while rinsing

- The best way to clean the shampoo is to continue combing it with your large toothed comb while rinsing it in the shower. This helps in the de-tangling process and also helps the shampoo to rinse better. While you rinse your hair, do not rub it severely. The hair is in the most fragile state when rinsed. The correct way is to simply let the water flow on your hair.

- Remember, it is best to rinse hair under running water. Damage in a bathtub is not so effective that residues can still remain. You need to make sure that you have rinsed out all the shampoo. Once you are certain that everything is gone, stay under the flow of water for about half a minute, to be doubly sure. Wrap your hair in a soft, absorbent towel - and voila! You have finished!